Saturday, September 19, 2009

Theology "Debate" - Help With College?

Hey guys,
I was just hoping some of you that I will see on Monday could help me out with an assignment for my Moody Bible Institute class. I'm taking The Church and its Doctrines and I have to do the following:

"Find two people you know who have either different political views, different theological views, or some major difference in opinion. Discuss with them their opinion considering some matter of theology."

So, if you feel strongly about any of the following topics, leave a comment:
Calvinism/Arminianism (does God pick and choose who will be saved?)
Determinism/Free Will (has God predetermined everything that happens?)
Infant Baptism/Adult Baptism (which is biblical?)
Original Sin (are we all guilty of eating the forbidden fruit?)
Eternal Security (can a Christian lose his/her salvation?)
Eternal Conscious Torment/Annihilation (are the wicked consciously tormented forever in hell, or annihilated?)
Exhaustive Foreknowledge (does God exhaustively know the entire future?)
Pre/Mid/Post-tribulation Rapture (will the church be raptured before, during, or after tribulation?)
More Scripture to Come (will God add more to the scripture we already have?)
Soul Sleep/Intermediate State (are the dead asleep until the resurrection, or are their souls alive in some form?)

If you would want to help, that would be great! I will hopefully be doing this during lunch.
Thanks guys!

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