Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Common Logic vs. Calvinism

I can't help but write another post on why I do not believe Calvinism to be a true doctrine.

First off, let's ask a few questions and answer them as a Calvinist would.

Why are some people going to be damned?
Calvinists say that they are damned because of disobedience to God.

Why did these people disobey God?
Calvinists say that they disobey God because that is their evil nature, and they are wicked, depraved, sinful creatures.

Where did these people get this nature?
Calvinists say people got their sinful nature from Adam and Eve. When they sinned, the human race fell under a curse, and that race received the sinful nature.

Can a person ever obey God by himself?
No; humans are wicked, depraved creatures, and they cannot do any good of themselves. The sin nature in them is too great.

Notice where the logic is going here. People are sinning not because they themselves are opposed to God. They are sinning because Adam and Eve were opposed to God, and thus made the human race unable to do any good.

In the Calvinist's Herculean effort to make sure man receives every drop of blame and is seen as an absolute sinner, the Calvinists trip over their own logic and end up blaming the sin nature for sin, not the sinner himself!

The fact is, if people do not have the ability to do good, then they only have the ability to do evil. That is not rocket science. Therefore, no one in his right mind can blame a person for doing evil he simply cannot help but do.

My Arminian way of looking at things would be considered heretical, because I believe that a wretched, depraved human being can do good. But really it is I who puts the heavy blame on mankind, for I let the blame rest on individual men, not the sin of Adam and Eve.

Please, do check out my amendment to this post. I don't want this one to leave you with unbalanced ideas about sin.

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